About Us

Caseja Jewelery was established in 2020 in Canada, the heart of jewelery, for the purpose of gold jewelery manufacturing and wholesale marketing. Caseja has brought consumers together with gold plated 925 sterling silver jewelery since the first day of its establishment with its production and sales success.
Appealing to a wide range of consumers, Caseja continues to shape the trends in silver jewelery with its professional design team. Caseja works more and more every day to be one of the best in the sector with the goal of bringing its production and design power to Turkish and world women.

Originality is the most important Caseja value in design.

This endless innovative passion of our professional design team, which closely follows world trends, comes to life in unique drawings.

Out of hundreds of drawings, only the perfect ones jump from two dimensions to three, thanks to computer-aided software.

At the end of this entire design process, completely personalized jewels emerge and take their place in our stylish jewelery boxes to meet the owner.